On October 1, 2019, the Faculty changed its name to the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Management.
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Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych
i Zarządzania
ul. Mickiewicza 64
71-101 Szczecin
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Education profile: academic

Starting from academic year 2013/2014 there is an opportunity to choose education programfor Bachelor studies in English: Economics and IT Applications

Economics and IT Applicationsprogram description

Three-year program results in acquiring Bachelor degree.

The main goal of education, which was considered during constructing the program of studies, is to strengthen the position of Graduates in the labor market and the extension of currently offered courses and specializations in the economic education. Despite the relatively numerous vintages of graduates who completed studies in recent years, the market of the West Pomerania region is missing persons prepared in practical aspects (in the domain of modern computer applications) for work in enterprise on the management level with fluent professional English.

The graduate of Economics and IT Applications will have a strong position in the global labor market.Developed study program takes into account the needs of potential employers - enterprises, insurance companies and investment funds, local government institutions. Therefore, an important part of the program of study will be to cooperate with potential employers.

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